Wednesday, December 2, 2009


During my internet perusing this evening, I was trying to find the game Chips Challenge that I have such fond memories of playing on the old PC at mom and dad's house quite a few years ago. After not being able to find an online version that I could play, I remembered a game that I loved maybe even a little bit more than Chip's...Titanc: Adventure Out of Time. Now I don't consider myself a gamer by any means, my family to this day doesn't even own a dance dance revolution. The closest thing we came to mario bros, was computer games. I had all the good ones: Magic School Bus-Body Adventure, and Space Adventure. Then I graduated to the really good stuff and I purchased the Titanic game. This is no magic school bus my friends.
Visually INSANE. You could explore the entire ship and walk up to people and they would talk to you and give you clues. The goal of the game was to collect all of the special objects, get off the boat with out drowning, and to not get killed by one of the not so nice people on the ship.

I never actually made it to the sinking of the ship part because A: Our computer kept crashing due to the shotty software, and PC-ness of it all, B: Because this game took DAYS to play, and C: Because I could never seem to get past the scary man in the boiler room with the gun that would shoot and kill me every time. SO ANNOYING! And let me tell you, this game was creeeeepy. So scary. Honestly I think that David Lynch had a hand in developing it. Even the music and lighting was creepy.

All that to say, I sinserely miss this game and would give my right arm to have an updated version for my Mac. Hats off to you if you ever played it too.

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Bimbo Boy said...

I'm sorry to bother you but I saw online that you are a fan of the classic video game "Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time". I love that game too and I would like to meet other fans. :) My name is Dennis, I'm 25 years old and live in Sweden. Sadly, there aren't many other fans of this game here.

Anyway, I am currently working on a new online community/forum for fans of classic adventure games, and I have even created a special fan group dedicated to "Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time" there. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out with the community?

My dream is to gather all fans of this game there so that we can stay in touch and keep the game's memory alive. Kind of like a Facebook for "Titanic" gamers. I'm also planning on using the website to send out a newsletter with news about these classic games. The community is brand new so it might be a little slow at first, but the more we post on the forum, the more it will grow. :)

Let me know if you are interested. I would really appreciate your help! You can sign up to the community right here:

And the URL to the "Titanic" fan group is:

Thank you!

Dennis Alexis Hellström