Monday, December 21, 2009

The Perks of Fun-Employment

A lay-off from a job is a lot like a break-up. You were happy...maybe not in love, but really happy--content. Then he calls you up and says "let's get some coffee..."
You're thinking coffee?? Since when do we get coffee? Okay..

This is the part where he tells you that it's not you, it's him, he just doesn't have the budget for a girlfriend anymore. To that you say "What? But I cost pennies compared to your last girlfriends!"
Then you gather your things, get your music off of his computer, and take the walk to shame back to your car, box in hand.

All that being said, and now being over the "mourning" process, no more sleeping in half the day, no more booze and ice cream... I am now reaping the few, but precious perks of Fun-Employment.
1) I made a mix. Yeah yeah yeah, a little dramatic. but seriously, one of my best coping mechanisms. Here are a few songs off of my Fun-Employment mix:
-Time To Move On......Tom Petty
-The Thanks I get.......Wilco
-P.S. It All Falls Down......Richard Swift
-How To Disappear Completely....Radiohead
-Leavin Blues....Lead Belly

Just to name a few.

2) I made more beer. Beer takes time...Time I have plenty of these days. Tyler came by on sunday and we brewed a Russian Imperial Stout. Very excited about this one.

3) I don't feel like I'm 22 going on 85 anymore. Let me explain: When I was working, I would get tired at like 9:00 at night. "Guys I gotta go to bed, I'm beat". But now I can stay up till 3 and wake up at problemo. Enjoying my youth.

4) More time to sew and make art.

5) I bought a book. I only like reading when I've got the are prime reading time for me. I purchased East of Eden, which I have had recommended to me many many a time. 600 pages people! 600! I figure this will be my literature of choice for the next 2 years.

6) Unemployment checks. Obama extended the time available to receive unemployment, so I'm going to "cash" in on that..pun intended. Thanks Pres.

7) Budgeting skillz. This is the best time to perfect my money saving abilities. Joy.

8) I'm really stretching for this one (pun intended) but I suppose I have more time to work-out now. Although I didn't work out at Affliction even when I had a free gym and a personal trainer at hand....FAIL. But IT IS a perk non the less.

9) Assess The Situation..time. I can now figure out what I want to do next. The big question mark.

10) And last but certainly not least, I can go to Portfolio coffee house and update my blog more regularly and drink copious amounts of espresso. Like I'm doing right now...


dani ray said...

Love you and this post.

East of Eden, after the first 50 pages, you are hooked and in love. welcome to your new relationship

Aubrey Mayne said...

oh no!