Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rant Wednesday

Confession time. I have been passive aggressively hating tupperware for quite some time now. Every body owns it, I may even have a few pieces here and there that were bought when I graduated high school and braved college for the first time. I get it I guess, I mean storing food, whatever. But honestly, let's talk... I was doing the household dishes today and tupperware was spilling, SPILLING out of every nook and cranny of my kitchen! Why so much tupperware?? It's so hard to stack, I try placing it neatly in the cupboard and it inevitably comes crashing down in a cloudy plastic mess on the floor. You can never find the right lid because there's like a million different sizes and shapes..each requiring a different blue lid. Which brings me to my next question: Why is tupperware all the same color? It's like putting together one of those forest jigsaw puzzles. ANNOYING! Sigh...

And then there's the tupperware parties. That's right, PARTIES CENTERED AROUND TUPPERWARE! (shaking head in disapproval). Women have got some seriously wacky ideas of fun.

Well, that made me feel a little better. I won't hate you for loving tupperware, or using it, or packing your lunch in it, or whatever, but just know that from now on, I will aggressively hate tupperware. It should fear me when I'm on dishes week. That is all.

Dramatic much? Maybe a little.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things I came across that wouldn't be too bad to own.

Need I explain???
Taxidermy Mice finger puppert!!! found here. Hehehehehe!
Wood Log ipod Speaker
Marubeni Infotec wooden keyboard.