Friday, March 13, 2009


Job Search. That is on the menu for this week. sigh. 

Not feeling very inspired...but I figured it might be nice to write something. 

Oh yeah, at breakfast this morning I was reading a tree house book from my collection, and going through and marking all of the ones in Oregon, Washington, and California, and along the way I came across these lovely quotes. Enjoy.

"A place to lie down, A place to write, and some shelves for books. Oh, and if he could have a draw bridge to pull up, that would be great. Maybe a metal roof so he could hear the rain. He plans to use the place to get away and be by himself."

-A quote from my tree house book, describing the kind of tree house that Sam wanted built. Sam was 9 years old and diagnosed with Leukemia. The Make a Wish foundation built him a tree house, and that's what was written next to his drawing. 

"Anything goes when you are in the trees"

"To me it seemed that Pam would use it as a place to charm her future husband."