Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to nurse a homework hangover

The weekend was spent doing homework..with the exception of Jess's incredible engagement at beatnik, and the party that came afterword. And as much as I thought I got done in advance, the day before it's due is always INSANE, because you realize that I should have cut sleep out of my schedule weeks ago in order to get it all done. So, I woke up at 8am on tuesday and immediately began working. I worked into the evening and then transplanted my life and work space to downtown LA at a friends apartment. You see, she had a special sewing foot that I needed to hem my dress. Anyways. I got there and basically sewed until 9 in the morning. I took a shower, and headed out the door for class. We ended up having a 6 hour critique of our work that day, and I now know why military uses sleep deprivation as an interrogating technic. I got home and fell asleep on the couch. some time later I think one or all of my roommates tried to get me to go to my bed, but that part is a little fuzzy. Needless to say, today I have that headache that you get when you first wake up, and it just sort of lingers. I also have extremely sore legs, I think this is because the sewing machine has this knee pedal that you push to lift the foot, and I was using it all night. odd. Anyways, so if you ever have a home work hang over, then  take these remedies into consideration before you hit the bottle. 

Remedy #1

COFFEE. Make a strong cup of coffee. The caffeine will help your headache and wake you up. Or if you don't like coffee, then try yerba mate tea, it is a wonderful source of all day energy.

Remedy #2

SHOWER. This is simple, but it helps.

Remedy #3

TAKE A WALK OR RIDE A BIKE. Fresh air helps clear the head, and especially when you've been stuck in the house for days on end.

Remedy #4

WATCH SOMETHING MINDLESS. Today I watched about two different "Judge....yata yata fill in the blank" shows. my favorite was this young judge and I cant remember his name, but he was hot. I suppose a movie could fill in this spot too. 

Remedy #5

CLEAN. I know it doesn't sound very soothing, but sometimes it's just nice to get your life back in order and not feel so entrenched in filth. 

Remedy #6

BLOG. Blog about the things that you should be doing, but actually you're(I'm) just sitting on the couch and writing about things that would help. I think I just debunked my helpful tips in that last sentence. hoy. Time to go take a shower.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So for my Brand Identity class we had to partner with a graphic design student and create a brand. The fashion design student is responsible for designing a 48 piece collection and then making 4 of the garments. The graphic student comes up with the logo, look book, hang tags/size tickets, shopping bag, and anything else that might be graphically useful for the brand. The constraints are that the collection and the brand have to be completely eco-friendly and organic. Anyways, my graphic partner is awesome and she already got organic t-shirts and tote bags embroidered, AND 4 different hang tags. She's awesome. So here's the T and tote bag, and hopefully I'll have photos of the finished garments and collection in the next month or two when they're complete. 

This is Laurel and Ashley demonstrating bad hair. 
Laurel decided to show us the "hipster sweep", while Millar took on the sex hair.
Laurel decided it would be fun to tell me to make the most awful face I could think of...I thought she was going to do the same.
...Oh wait, she did.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things to like. Or..I like. Okay things that have inspired me over the last few weeks. 

Jackets to come!
I want this.
Shoe craft?

It rained in LA today. I was walking back from the fashion district and large drops kept falling one by one on my face and then all of the sudden it was all out raining. Not pouring, but enough to make the pavement give off that intoxicating rain scent. My roommates decided that today would be a great day to start celebrating I was awoken this morning by Bing Crosby singing the drummer boy. Pa-RUM-pum-pum-PUMMMM. They then proceeded to make christmas decorations for the house. It felt funny. I don't usually celebrate christmas until the day after thanksgiving. I think it wrong to rob thanks giving of a proper build up. It gets shafted year after year. Well not this year, Thanksgiving, this goes out to you! This year I'm your number one fan and I will celebrate you and the indians and the pilgrims too. Eat that Christmas! 

Saturday, November 1, 2008