Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to nurse a homework hangover

The weekend was spent doing homework..with the exception of Jess's incredible engagement at beatnik, and the party that came afterword. And as much as I thought I got done in advance, the day before it's due is always INSANE, because you realize that I should have cut sleep out of my schedule weeks ago in order to get it all done. So, I woke up at 8am on tuesday and immediately began working. I worked into the evening and then transplanted my life and work space to downtown LA at a friends apartment. You see, she had a special sewing foot that I needed to hem my dress. Anyways. I got there and basically sewed until 9 in the morning. I took a shower, and headed out the door for class. We ended up having a 6 hour critique of our work that day, and I now know why military uses sleep deprivation as an interrogating technic. I got home and fell asleep on the couch. some time later I think one or all of my roommates tried to get me to go to my bed, but that part is a little fuzzy. Needless to say, today I have that headache that you get when you first wake up, and it just sort of lingers. I also have extremely sore legs, I think this is because the sewing machine has this knee pedal that you push to lift the foot, and I was using it all night. odd. Anyways, so if you ever have a home work hang over, then  take these remedies into consideration before you hit the bottle. 

Remedy #1

COFFEE. Make a strong cup of coffee. The caffeine will help your headache and wake you up. Or if you don't like coffee, then try yerba mate tea, it is a wonderful source of all day energy.

Remedy #2

SHOWER. This is simple, but it helps.

Remedy #3

TAKE A WALK OR RIDE A BIKE. Fresh air helps clear the head, and especially when you've been stuck in the house for days on end.

Remedy #4

WATCH SOMETHING MINDLESS. Today I watched about two different "Judge....yata yata fill in the blank" shows. my favorite was this young judge and I cant remember his name, but he was hot. I suppose a movie could fill in this spot too. 

Remedy #5

CLEAN. I know it doesn't sound very soothing, but sometimes it's just nice to get your life back in order and not feel so entrenched in filth. 

Remedy #6

BLOG. Blog about the things that you should be doing, but actually you're(I'm) just sitting on the couch and writing about things that would help. I think I just debunked my helpful tips in that last sentence. hoy. Time to go take a shower.

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Next blog: How to nurse a REAL hangover, by Jody "21" Dailey