Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie Update

Over Thanks Giving weekend I had the pleasure of watching 3 fabulous movies. The first was by director and master-creepy-mind David Lynch, Inland Empire. It was one of his tamer films which made it a little more enjoyable for me to watch. We were so inspired by the "Lynchian" way of directing, that we made our own version of Inland Empire. I'm sure Sister Dailey will be posting it on her blog Blinking Against the Brightness shortly.

Same face the whole movie. Brilliant.

The second movie we watched was called Ballast. I really enjoyed this film, but if you're into resolved endings and a strong plot line then I wouldn't suggest this movie. It's very slow and very realistic. There isn't much dialog or soundtrack either. I know i'm not making it sound very good, but honestly it was a beautiful movie and a really moving story.

Lastly, I went and saw Wes Anderson's new movie: The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Holy Moly! Such a good movie. All stop motion animation which is just such a feast for the eyes. You must go see this movie!

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