Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo shoot

Photographs by Laurel Dailey.

Skirt: Jody Dailey...ha this is actually a funny skirt because I totally flunked this project because I found out when I turned it in that I was supposed to make a dress or shirt, not a skirt. And then the best part was that the next week's project was a high waisted skirt....LAME.

Dress: Jody Dailey. Oliver's clothing is all his own. The belt, the fur, and the shoes are Laurel's. This was a dress that I made for the American Heart Association, as an awareness piece for heart disease. This one is just the mock up, so it's in blue. The final one will be in red and debuted at the year end luncheon. 
Robot coat: Jody Dailey. This is one of my favorites. I made this coat for my final project in my final quarter of school. It's 100% wool with a silk lining. 

Dress: 100% stone wash silk, silk chiffon lining.

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sarah said...

you daileys are your artistic talent. you're like keizer's very own tenenbaum family.