Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free beer, new sun glasses, and new earrings.

Yesterday was a surprising 80 degrees in Long Beach, which while not being unusual, was a nice switch from the january gloom that we had been experiencing the last few weeks. So what to do? Go for a bike ride I say! Laurel, Mike Ruffino, and myself went on a little excursion to the beach. Laurel rode her awesome new bike(Thanks margo!), I rode my Bentley boat bike, and we scrounged up a little bmx with front and rear pegs for mike. Sadly, mikes ghetto bike decided to check out early once we got to the beach, and we enjoyed the fizzling hum of the last of the air exiting the rear tire. Now what? Get some beer! We walked our bikes to the pier, past all of the fisherman, and bench sitters, to a hole in the wall drink and snack shack at the end of the pier. "Check out our back patio, it's a whole 'nother world back there."
Okay cool. 

And it was. It was quite lovely, we found three stools and sat at the bar looking over the ocean and the big boats and the oil pumps? yes, still long beach we're talking about. Apparently they only had one glass of beer left, so our lovely restauranteer brought it out and let us have it on the house. Thanks man.
incidentally it was one of the best beers I've ever had. Ice cold.

Okay so now new sunglasses time. While hanging out with Paul, he noted that my cheap-O aviators were excessively crappy. He then went into his room and brought out about 4 pairs of sunglasses for me to try on. New pair of sunglasses, done. THANKS PAUL!!!


Okay let's start at the back. The gold earrings are ones that my dear old pops picked out for me for Christmas. I didn't even ask for earrings, he just used his good fatherly intuition and picked them out all by him self. I think he did an A+ job. Thanks dad!
Pair number 2: My friend Josh McBride has been traveling around South America for the last few weeks, and recently he sent the girls in my house a package of wonderful things that he had acquired in Peru. He got us all hand picked pieces of jewelry, a letter, a self portrait, and a jar of homemade strawberry jam by none other than the wonderful Pat and Jan McBride. Thanks Josh!!!

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