Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Fun

After I spent the day thinking about photos and the significance of having a photo in your hands and not just on a computer screen, I decided to go through some of my boxes of pictures I had taken when I was younger. Most of my childhood photos are at my parents house in Oregon, but I managed to hang on to a few, and mostly ones that I took on my parents camera, or my Cannon point and shoot. Which speaking of, I found my old camera and brought it back to Long Beach with me, so if I can just get my hands on some film then I'll be golden. It's a newer cannon, and it's nothing fancy and definitely not ironic or vintage in any way, but it takes great pictures and I would love to start having some hard copies lying around, maybe throw together a few albums. Facebook albums just aren't cutting it for me lately. Maybe I'll get hooked and I'll become an obsessive scrap-booker. Like the kind that go to the monthly get togethers and join scrap booking societies. Sort of like tupperware parties for paper, stickers, and fancy scissors! Anyways, here are a few from my collection, enjoy.

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