Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Beer Making Saga

I'm very excited about this post, and I'll have a slew of pictures to throw up here in a few days. Coming soon!!!!

Also, Just got back from Palm Springs. That post will be coming too..

Also also, Thanks Giving this weekend! Woooooo! I will be joining the Kemp Family for the first part in ArrowHead. Then on Friday I make the trek to Santa Maria for some Nelson family festivities. I love Thanks Giving and it just might make the ranking of my top three favorite holidays. The fall in general just cannot be beat. Halloween, my birthday, thanks giving, Christmas... SO GOOD.
On another topic, I was so proud of my self for starting my Christmas shopping in September. I find that every year I am scrambling to pull things together right before Christmas. Unfortunately I only bought one gift in september and since then have not lifted a finger. All that to say, I need to hustle up and figure things out before I have a gift giving meltdown. which in my opinion completely defeats the purpose of giving gifts. Yowza. Since I've now realized that this post has absolutely no rhyme or reason, I might as well leave with a list. Because who doesn't love lists?

A List of Little Holiday Joys(Not the big ones..Just the ones that don't get mentioned often)
note*** None of this can take place until AFTER thanks giving.

1.) Being able to switch my ring tone to Alvin and The Chipmunks: "Christmas Christmas tiiime is here, time for toys and time for cheer..."
2.) Footy Pajamas ALL THE TIME
3.) Peppermint hot chocolate
4.) Excuses to make fake paper snow flakes (mind you this is Long Beach..not much snow happenin this year or ever.)
5.) Caroling w/ beer.

Have a great Holiday.

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