Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Again

Dear Friends,

I arrived home safe and sound from the city of sin.
Big spender.

I am officially not a Vegas Virgin anymore. Although, I never actually made it on to the strip...
I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for one night and one full day. Our company had the bowling suite on the 11th floor complete with pool table, hot tub, and full self service pre-paid not so mini-- mini bar.
Tuesday I went to Project and got to walk the show and indulge in some sweet fashion goodness. The people watching was premium. On the way back we flew Jet Blue which I had never done before, and let me tell you, I'm in love. What a great airline.
When I got home I was greeted by 3 large boxes on my bed containing my beer making kit, and a recipe for 5 gallons of California Pale Ale. Deeeeeelightful. I don't think I'll be starting the beer making process until I arrive home from the North Country next week. Speaking of Northern things, I will be flying home for a short weekend on friday morning, and then returning on Tuesday morning. It's been a long awaited trip and I'm so excited to spend some time up there. I've already made plans to spend friday in Portland with my family after they pick me up from the air port, and then either saturday or sunday I'm going out to the Oregon State Fair to see some horse showing and walk around. I believe monday will be a BBQ at my house with my grandma. Soooo Excited. So that about sums things up right now. I'll try and post some Vegas pictures some time this week.

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