Monday, August 10, 2009

I Support Good Decisions

Some good decisions made over the weekend:

1.) Picnic at Shoreline Park in Long Beach. Picnic essentials included:
-Cute picnic basket
-Cute roommates
-Mission IPA
-Raspberries, cheese, bread, and cake
-summer clothes

2.) Downloading Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's new album. PREMIUM.

3.) The Waterfront Pub in Santa Monica.
-Giant pretzels
-Giant Hef

4.) 5 movies in one weekend. Some better than others and some lower budg' than others.

Low Points:

1.) Watching 5 movies in one weekend.

2.) Losing a bet. Owing a $1 taco. Admitting I was wrong. (honestly I think there was some cheating involved...)

3.) No but really, don't watch The Cake Eaters. Big time low point.

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