Friday, February 6, 2009

Thirsty Isle

As many of you know, I have entered the Unpaid Intern phase of my life. Sometimes it's downright grimy, but sometimes....most times in the case of MatteBlack, it has its perks. Yesterday Paul and I went to Thirsty Isle, a pub in Long Beach. Dim lit, home of the 320z. Schooner, and 18 beers on tap. They boast of having the coldest beer in Long Beach, and I must say that I agree.
"We didn't just say we have the Coldest Beer in Town....We use Blizzard Beer System and pour Ice Cold Beer at 29 degrees!"

Although this bar is mostly a  dude bar, okay and maybe a little skeezy...It's perfect for shooting some 50 cent pool and kicking it on a rainy day. Food is made fresh on order, and the swinging fluorescent lighting and wood floors provide for a divinely divey atmosphere. A Long Beach must.

Thirsty Isle
4317 E Carson St
Long Beach, CA 90808

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Moorea Seal said...

i dont know if you've ever been to this site, but i feel like there is a ton of stuff you would probably love!