Sunday, October 26, 2008

So I just wrapped up an eventful weekend. I'm left with a slight sun headache and that feeling your face gets when you've been outside in the sun all day and it feels all tight and funny. Friday night was spent with friends, eating a homemade dinner, and capping off the evening with a bike ride to the beach. I spent saturday in LA working on a dress mock-up for the American Heart Association. It's going better than the first go around...Later that evening, Laurel and I went to Hollywood and saw Girl Talk perform. Sweat, dancing, crazy people, middle aged dancing queens, strobe lights, and toilet paper? Yes. On the walk back to the car afterwords, I felt like an old woman, my lower back was in a pinch and I was trying to keep my composure and walk like a normal human being. Sister bonding. 
Church was good on sunday, Lou just wrapped up a series on friendship. After church a bunch of us went out to lunch at Lola's on 4th st. Some of the best tortilla soup I've ever had. After lunch there were more bikes, more beach, more sun, ice cream, and tired limbs. Tonight home work calls my name, but I've much enjoyed not having quite so much to do this week. Weekends like these remind me how much I love Long Beach. I love the people in my life, I love the house I live in...though it may be infested with rodents and other creatures... All in all this is a very good chapter in my life. This weekend felt more like summer than July. The 80 degree weather helped a bit too. Another day another freckle, another story to tell.

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